The Inland Revenue Department is continuing to make significant inroads with regards to updating and modernizing its processes and systems.

This is according to Comptroller at the Inland Revenue Department, Kelvin Pompey.

Mr. Pompey says the Department has established a large tax payer unit, responsible for the collection, auditing and compliance work pertaining to large tax payers, as well as a Tax Payer Intelligence and Identification Unit, charged with identifying tax payers who are not on the tax roll.

Mr. Pompey explained that during this year, work was done on upgrading and expanding the online e-filing system at the Inland Revenue Department.

He noted that while there have been some challenges utilizing this technology, they have sought to rectify those, and further work in this regard will be advanced in the coming year.

Comptroller at the Inland Revenue Department is encouraging more tax payers to make use of the e-filing system.




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