A new study by the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has found that persistent inequities across gender, race and socioeconomic groups in the Americas, including the Caribbean, compound every major health challenge facing the region.

Evidence and analysis presented in a new series of articles in the Pan American Journal of Public Health — PAHO’s peer-reviewed scientific journal — highlight key social, economic, cultural and environmental barriers to ensuring that quality health care and the conditions necessary for healthy lives are available and accessible to all the people of the Americas, regardless of income level or location.

On Wednesday, PAHO said the 11 articles are part of a new series, entitled Equity in Health and Sustainable Development, published across five issues of the journal from July to November 2015.

PAHO said “The research findings are especially important to shed light on problems that must be addressed as countries in the Americas work to achieve ‘universal health,’ a goal they collectively endorsed in 2014”.



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