A growing number of young people are being diagnosed with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety personality and eating disorders.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is among countries worldwide that is seeing an increase in mental health problems among the youth.

But while, youth with mental health disorders may face challenges in their homes, school, community, and interpersonal relationships, most can successfully navigate these challenges with proper treatment, peer and professional counselling, and importantly, a strong family support network.

Sister Elizabeth Medford, Senior Nursing Officer at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center at Glen spoke on this issue as we will hear in this special report by WEFM’s Maranese Moses.

According to the Senior Nursing Officer some of the early signs of Mental Health are anxiety, depression, excessive tiredness, loss of self esteem and other physical signs.

She said young people can be exposed to any mental illness but they can also be helped to be reintegrated into society.

Medford noted that there is a stigma about persons with mental illness and it is a major factor that affects persons with the illness.

She further stated that families should be educated on Mental Illness and mental health due to the fact that the illness is treatable.

The Senior Nursing Officer added that we need to eradicate the word crazy when addressing person suffering from mental illness.



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