Grenada’s Parliament has given the green light to legislation amending the existing fines and imprisonment for visitors who fail to declare a firearm to a Customs officer. 

Legislators approved an amendment to the 1968 Firearm Act resulting in a fine of EC$50,000 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents), an increase of 4900 per cent from the previous EC$1,000 fine. 

In addition, anyone convicted of a crime under the legislation could also face the possibility of spending six months in jail, up from three months. 

The amended legislation goes into effect from August 1, this year. 

Leader of Government Business, Phillip Telesford tabled the amendment with Finance Minister Dennis Cornwall calling on travellers and visitors to do the “right thing” because the government is prepared to build more prison space to imprison all those who violate that law. 

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