According to the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) several house roofs in SVG have were damaged from strong winds in Hadleys Village, New Grounds, Adelphi, Akers, New Prospect/Simon, Peruvian Vale, Cedars and Spring-Biabou.

Several homes were also been damaged by fallen trees in New Prospect and Hopewell.

VINLEC has also received reports of downed lines, downed poles, leaning poles, damaged meters and meter structures which has resulted in outages in Argyle, Ashburton, Stubbs, Calder, sections of Marriaqua, Whim Road, Evesham, Dallaway, Lowmans Windward, Villa, Glen, part of Fair Hall, Queensbury, Chester Cottage, Belmont, Georgetown to Fancy, Chester Green Hill, Edinboro, Queen’s Drive and Redemption Sharpes.

According to the mid-day weather report, a flash- flood warning has been extended until further notice; Residents and motorist in areas prone to flooding and land- slides or near rivers and streams should continue to be vigilant and take necessary precautionary measures to protect life and property.



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