The Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of St. George’s North East in Grenada has decided to return his monthly salary to Government as a means of protesting the amount that is paid to Parliamentarians who are not Government Ministers.

Tobias Clement says he will be returning the monthly cheque of EC$1171.72 provided to him as payment to serve as an elected legislator in the House of Representatives.

Members in the lower house receive EC$1200 per sitting while members of the Senate receive EC$800 per sitting.

The last increase was in 1999.

“I will do something in protest to what MPs are getting in this Honourable House, If I protest I will keep it alive, if I do nothing it will be swept under the rock,” Clement told the House as he announced that he has written a personal cheque that will be presented to the Clerk of Parliament.

However, no other legislator supported Clement when he made the announcement but in his closing remarks, Speaker of the House Michael Pierre said he looked forward to a review of salaries of Members and informed the Committee of Privilege that they will meet shortly to investigate the matter.



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