Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

This country’s Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, while speaking on radio on Wednesday January 21st 2021, disclosed that the government is in the process of making accommodations for COVID-19 positive patients who are unable to isolate at home.

The Prime Minister said he had talks with the Chief Medical Officer, Permanent Secretary and the Minister of Health pertaining to the matter.

“Talking to Simone Keizer Beache, talking to the Permanent Secretary, Talking to Jimmy Prince; for us to get one or two guest houses to put persons who are positive cases, who don’t have anywhere to go, in their own houses and they may have some elderly people there or some other persons who are susceptible.

This is a problem and we have been trying to identify a couple guesthouses, some of them wanted so much money, but we have gotten one yesterday or day before yesterday, with 25 rooms, which we will get at a reasonable price.” He said.

Dr. Gonsalves said that for individuals to be admitted to these accommodations, they will have to be assessed by the National Emergency Management Organization to determine whether or not they truly unable to properly isolate at their home.



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