A German man strangled and dismembered his wife before encasing her head in a concrete block and drowning himself in an Austrian lake, police have said.

The man, age 72, and his 71-year-old wife who were reported to be from Frankfurt, Germany have not been named.

According to BBC News, an investigation was launched after a suitcase with some of the woman’s body parts was found by a man walking near Traunsee Lake on Sunday.

A day later, the German man’s body was found in 15 feet of water, with his wrists weighed down by bags of stones.

Investigators said on Tuesday that the woman’s head, encased in concrete, was found near the man’s body in the lake.

Authorities believe the woman was strangled sometime between December 25th, 2015 and January 1st, 2016 but have not confirmed when the drowning occurred.



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