(WEFM) – Two International Airlines are scheduled to make inaugural landings at the Argyle International Airport (AIA), when it opens for operation on February 14, 2017.

Word of this came from CEO of the SVG Tourism Authority (SVGTA), Glen Beache, while speaking on STAR FM on Friday December 30, 2016.

According to Mr. Beache, SunWing Airlines, out of Toronto Canada, is coming on the 14th of February 2017 and they’re looking at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) coming out of JFK International in the USA to land on the 14th also.

“Those two are coming on the 14th, we’re trying to get them to come in about an hour apart… the return flight for that will be on the 21st” – Beache said.

“They’ll be here for a week, those who come in on it, will return on the 21st” – He added.

Beache said “we’re still speaking to some people out of the UK, I’m not sure how that’s gonna go because they will have to use something like a 767”.

American Airlines is set to start daily flights to AIA soon

“The flights out of New York and Toronto will be 737’s, which have approximately… I know CAL’s is something like 100 and then I think 30 seats… economy seats, 16 first class…. SunWing, which is a chartered Airline is the same thing.. They don’t have first class, but they do have 15 seats that give more space” – the SVGTA CEO noted.

Beache also outlined that “people will get more details when those tickets go on sale. It’s not confirmed yet, but we’ll be confirming everything in terms of SunWing, you’ll probably be going through SunWing for those Tickets out of Toronto”.

Mr Beache said that for CAL, they’ll see if CAL will do the selling of the Tickets, or if we have to use one of our tour operators to do it.

Beache said “we’re ready to open the Airport on February 14th and that “we actually had American Airlines ready to fly in here on December 16th, 2016, for their inaugural flight out of Miami”.

“Obviously, there were some hiccups with that, “I’m hoping that by the middle to the end of January, we’ll have that announcement to be made again when they will start their start their direct flights out of Miami, approximately 3 times per week” – Beache added.

“We also had JetBlue and West Jet ready to fly in here last year October, obviously we did not open when we thought we would… we’re speaking to them now, JetBlue is looking at November 2017.

I’m speaking to them because I told them I need them at least by June to do that flight. We’re also speaking to CAL about the JFK route, or the Toronto route and West Jet we’re back in negotiations with…” – Beache said.

By: Demion McTair



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