Former Belizean National Security Minister John Saldivar has denied all corruption allegations against him as he responded to the United States Secretary of State’s decision to place travel sanctions on him and his immediate family.

In a Facebook post, Saldivar said the allegations that he was involved in “significant corruption” during his time as a minister are “baseless and malicious”.

The State Department alleged Saldivar “accepted bribes for the improper acquisition of Belizean immigration documents and interfered in public processes for his personal benefit during his tenure as a government official”.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Saldivar said the allegations against him are based on claims made by a car dealer, who was seeking a US visa at the embassy in Belmopan.

Saldivar believes the sanctions are an attempt by the US to meddle in Belizean politics since he had planned to put himself up for consideration as the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) candidate in the general election at the party’s convention.

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