Forensics continues to play an important part in the criminal justice field.

Minister of Industry and Labour Saboto Caesar in addressing the opening on Friday of the 2nd Annual Joint Symposium on Forensics and Law in St. Vincent and the Grenadines said the strength and quality of our jurisprudence depend on diligent work being done by law enforcement officials to ensure that forensics reside at the heart of their work.

Minister Caesar said that “at its core forensics ensure that there is any doubt as to the outcome of any particular query.”

The Symposium on Friday and Saturday was hosted by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bar Association and the local Medical Association, in conjunction with the Sir Arnott Cato Foundation and the Impact For Justice project of the Caribbean Law Institute and Faculty of Law, Cave Hill Campus.

The program featured lecture presentations from Forensic pathologists, and other legal professionals, and considered subjects such as “Body recovered from Water”; “death on a cell”; “Medical Negligence”; “Mass casualties”; “Blood pattern analysis”; “DNA”; “Body in a bag”; and “Fatal Child Abuse”.

A Panel discussion on the Death Penalty rounded up the 2 day affair.



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