Local Talent Management and Entertainment Company, FOCUS Entertainment will be hosting an event tomorrow April 9, 2016 to officially launch its new cadre of designers and talents that are signed with the company.

The launch will take the form of a fashion showcase dubbed Simply Black “Vin-c-Edition”, and will take place at SOV Restaurant and Lounge, Villa beginning at 7:30pm.

Director of FOCUS Entertainment and producer of Simply Black, Mr. Sean Fredrick, says the event will feature a presentation of designers and talents that are uniquely ‘Vincy’

Mr. Fredrick said some of the presenters will include innovate young designers like Jamal Jacobs, Dahvana Providence, Colicia Lewis, Candace Black and labels like Atelier Shernicia, as well as Nzimbu arts.

Mr. Fredrick is encouraging persons to go out and support tomorrow’s event. He says tickets costs $25 and will be available at the door of the venue.



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