Telecommunications provider, FLOW, is set to commercially launch its Mobile Long Term Evolution (LTE) services before the end of this year.

The network will be installed by Ericsson as sole supplier, covering 100% of the islands over the next six months. This will result in higher capacity, and enhanced mobile data services.

The increased capacity is expected to deliver new and better services to FLOW customers such as video streaming, interactive TV and advanced gaming.

FLOW customers will enjoy download speeds over ten times faster than are available today over the mobile HSPA+ network.

Wayne Hull, Flow St. Vincent and the Grenadines Country manager said Mobile LTE will enable customers to download a music track in three seconds or a film in 40 seconds.

A Mobile LTE data service will also complement the user experience of the latest smartphones like iPhone X and Samsung Note 9, which Flow has available in the market. The current Mobile LTE site deployed on the island is delivering speeds of up to 100Mpbs on a mobile handset.

FLOW will announce the official launch date to access mobile LTE during the month of December 2018.



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