October 2017 is recognized as Financial Information Month (FIM) in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

The FIM 2017 theme is: Retirement Planning: Making Your Golden Years Golden.

The theme is geared towards sensitizing the public that planning for retirement should begin from the first day of employment and continue throughout an individual’s income-earning years to ensure a good quality of life after active employment.

Various Financial and academic institutions, government agencies and other public and private sector bodies across the region will coordinate a number of activities throughout the month to bring into focus the realities of retirement.

Activities that would be taking place in SVG includes, the airing of financial tips daily on NBC Radio, a radio discussion programme on NBC Radio scheduled for Sunday October 22nd at 11:00 am on the topic Retirement Planning: Making Your Golden Years Golden; and a walkathon scheduled for Saturday October 28 at 5:00 am.



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