Today Friday June 24th, marks the official start of Vincy Mas 2022, and Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Ricky Adams, said the mood is set for what is expected to be a “fantastic” season.

Speaking with the Agency for Public Information, this week, Adams said all the components of Vincy Mas are ready and even Mas tents having more demands than initially anticipated.

“We are seeing a lot of energy, people lining behind their soca artistes, pan has taken a decision this year to do all local arrangers…I have been hearing from the Mas bands that now some of them are beginning to be under pressure…” Adams said.

According to the CDC’s Chairman, there are approximately over 150 private events outside of the CDC’s shows and while Covid 19 numbers are under control, Adams is still appealing to the public that “if you think that you’re in an environment that makes you susceptible to any kind of infection…to act in your best interest to protect yourself”

VincyMas will run from today June 24th to July 5th.

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