Efforts to advance the promotion of alternative energy sources here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the use of which is seen as critical in the fight against global warming, continued yesterday with the hosting of a workshop titled “Renewable Energy: Towards a sustainable Future”.

The workshop which forms part of the Promoting Access to Clean Energy Services (PACES) Project was held at the National Insurance Services (NIS) Conference Room.

Delivering remarks at the opening ceremony, Project Coordinator Dr. Alston Stoddard, said the workshop was designed to get persons, including those in rural communities to understand the issues both technically and from a policy point of view about the importance of utilizing renewable sources of energy.

He said that from a policy point of the view the government is moving in an area where one day a sizeable proportion of the population will be able to invest in technologies that promote sustainable energy.

Dr. Stoddard said efforts are also being made to address renewable energy within the transport sector.



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