SVG’s leading Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jerrol Thompson, while speaking on radio earlier this week discussed the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines now that there is real world COVID-19 vaccine date available.

“We now have real world data. When they did the studies, they come up with efficacy; we now have a new term called effectiveness, where efficacy was the result of the scientific study for the drug. Once they were approved, they went into full administration and now we have real world data, almost 500 million vaccines have been administered around the world.” He said.

Dr. Thompson said that the vaccines were no longer experimental, due to the fact that real world results are available. He said that these real world results show that the effectiveness of the vaccine is even better than the efficacy.

“The effectiveness which can be worse than the efficacy, we find it is far better than the efficacy, you’re having 94 percent effectiveness. What that means is that you have a 94 percent reduction in risk of catching the virus.” Thompson said.



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