The Central Water and Sewage Authority CWSA has recorded the lowest rainfall accumulation in over a decade, at three of its major sources, Montreal, Majorca and Dalaway, which together supply 70% of our potable water, for the six-month period since October last year.

The CWSA says rainfall is directly related to river flow and consequently to the water available for distribution by the CWSA, all of this means that we have now arrived at a crisis situation in terms of our water supply, where very strict measures are now required to ensure that water can be supplied to every area of SVG daily.

The CWSA has, over the past months, been monitoring its supplies with a view to reducing the inconveniences to the public during this otherwise critical period in our overall public health situation. In order to maintain an adequate daily supply, the CWSA will increase its focus on the following measures

Inter-linking of systems at varying hours where deficiencies in one system can be bolstered by a supply from another. Locking down of schools that are on vacation to reduce wastage, all in concert with the Ministry of Education.

Closer monitoring of storage tanks and intakes using both remote and direct means. Implementing a system of water rationing from South Leeward through Kingstown to East St. George.



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