The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) is notifying consumers on ALL its water supply systems that the continuing heavy rainfall is producing unusually heavy and muddy rivers above all its intakes, resulting in it being unable to extract the normal volumes of water for treatment and distribution.

As a result of this, storage tanks have become significantly depleted on several systems, the most heavily impacted being the Majorca System.

Several areas will therefore have their water supply disrupted during the course of today.

These include Kelbourney, Pansomby Hill, Gomea, Dauphine, Ashburton, Belair, Belmont, Fairbaine, Fairhall, Fountain, Queens Drive, Upper Cane Hall, Miller’s Gate, Dorsetshire Hill, Richmond Hill, Sharpes, Green Hill, Fenton and Welcome.

The CWSA is also advising consumers on all its other systems that their water supply may also be interrupted if conditions worsen.



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