Residents of North Leeward are being called on to come out and take part in the Department of Culture’s Culture Caravan this Saturday August 6th.

The 2022 Emancipation celebrations are being organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture, having already held events in Diamonds Village and Union Island.

Sean Frederick, head of the organizing committee for this year’s celebration, during an interview with WEFM listed some of the cultural activities that will be taking place at the square in Rose Bank:

“This culture caravan entails basically performances by persons from within the North Leeward community but specifically from Rose Hall, Rose Bank, Troumaca area. A number of young performers, cultural groups and organizations will be involved in activities starting from around three in the PM at the square in Rose Bank,” Frederick said.

He says they will be accompanied by contingencies from other parts of the country, which include dance groups, singers, drummers and more, who will contribute to this cultural activity.

Mr. Frederick noted that the North Leeward community has always played a significant role in number of the Culture Department’s events.

“Well, North Leeward is, on our cultural calendar, one of our most vibrant, consistent communities that has always assisted us here at culture with our program, especially Rose Hall drummers, bom drum; you would meet them at funerals and other activities,” Frederick said.

The Culture Caravan takes place tomorrow, Saturday August 6th at the Square in Rose Bank at 3 PM.

The Department of Culture is inviting Members of the North Leeward Community to spectate as well as participate in tomorrow’s event.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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