The results of the 2024 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) have been released, and have been made available to schools starting today Friday June 21st.

The top two spots went to the Sugar Mill Academy, going to Ethan Richard Kent and Darius Jonathan Humphrey, who placed first and second respectively.

The following two spots went to the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary school students Evan Eddison Scott and Rio Ezra Fitzpatrick, who took the positions of third and fourth respectively.

In fifth was Prayash Parida of the Windsor Primary School, followed by the Yohan Francis Burke and Shaya Alona Altidor of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School, who are tied for sixth.

Ranked at 8th is Khalil David King of the Questelles Government School, with J’vonnique Charissa Hamlet of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School ranked at 9th.

There is another tie, with St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary’s Gabriella Naomi Wood and Sugar Mill Academy’s Jordi Lleo Lewis both ranked at 10th.

According to the Ministry of Education 87.68% of students who wrote the CPEA exams met the prescribed standards. This is an increase over last year’s number of 85.17%.

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