This country’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) DR. Simone Keizer Beache, while appearing as a guest on VC3’s Roundtable Talk addressed the fluidity of SVG’s COVID-19 protocols.

“As everybody would realize by now, this is a novel virus and we are learning each day.

Sometimes some people get so frustrated because you think you’ve understood something and then in about 24 hours there’s something completely different.”

The CMO went on to talk about the COVID-19 task force’s no regrets policy.

“We function as what we call a no regrets policy. Which means that we want to minimize the chance of ill-effects of this virus and so we initially put in place a policy that we thought would be sufficient and as with everything, you assess the outcomes and where you determine there were deficiencies, we put new components into the policy to address that” the CMO said.

Dr. Keizer Beache said that this is something that the public come expect to happen as time goes on during the country’s fight against COVID-19, she highlighted the fact that at the end of each protocol document that there is a possibility of things changing.

The CMO addresses the fluidity of SVG’s COVID-19 protocols



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