The Clare Valley Government School is hosting its annual Literacy week.

The celebration theme this year is ‘Literacy – the Road to Prosperity’.

The week of activities commenced on Monday, May 14, with a community march and hats off to reading along with presentations by several teachers on the importance of reading.

Yesterday, May 15, five Grade five students competed in an expository and narrative Reading Competition sponsored by WE FM Ltd.

Amanda Henry took first place with best expository and narrative reading, Utamu Anthony placed 2nd and 3rd position went to Alleen John.

The other participants were Affique John and Adia Hadaway.

The objective of the reading competition is to build confidence in the student’s ability to read before an audience.

Today, there was a reading in the Community activity, followed by a grade five spelling competition.

The activities will continue tomorrow, May 17, with a Celebration of the School’s 64th anniversary, followed on Friday May 18, with a Career and Exhibition Day.



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