CEO Vaughn Lewis of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services (VINLEC) announced on Tuesday that the island’s power grid has suffered significant damage, with power expected to be restored to all customers within two weeks.

Mr. Lewis mentioned that several low-voltage lines are down, and the network has been affected by fallen trees.

He highlighted that the process will be challenging, as lines will need to be disconnected while the main lines are being restored.

The focus will be on prioritizing the Capital Kingstown area, ensuring essential services like gas stations and supermarkets, along with major lines, are operational today.

While acknowledging that some areas may experience temporary disconnections to speed up the main line restoration, he expressed optimism that over 50% of the mainland St. Vincent population could have electricity, depending on community conditions.

Preliminary assessments suggest that VINLEC is equipped to address the damages observed on mainland St. Vincent and Bequia Island.

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