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Guyana High Court squashes term limits for head of state

The Guyana government on Friday hinted at appealing a High Court ruling squashing the two term presidential limit.“Something like this which goes to the...

Special team to investigate murder of four people, including two teenagers in Jamaica

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has appointed a special team of investigators to track down the suspects in the murder of four people, including two...

Trinidad and Tobago’s government to spend $12 million to beef up prison security

The Trinidad and Tobago government has agreed to pump $12 million into beefing up security in prisons, including closed-circuit television (CCTV) coverage for all...

OAS deploys mission to assess situation of Haitian migrants in Dominican Republic

The Organization of American States (OAS) on Thursday sent a special mission to the Dominican Republic and Haiti in order to gather information on...

St. Lucia Health authorities moving to halt possible whooping cough outbreak

The Ministry of Health in St. Lucia has developed certain strategies in order to help prevent a full blown outbreak of whooping cough in...

Jamaica considering bio-fuel production

Jamaica is looking into producing its own bio-fuel and increasing the current mix of ethanol in petrol to about 20 per cent. Principal Director of...

Guyana Government refusing to pay CPL 500,000 US dollars

The Guyana government says it will not pay US $500,000 dollars to organizers of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) until it sees a contract...

Trinidad police investigating the shooting of a prison officer outside his home

Police in Trinidad are investigating whether the shooting of a prison officer outside his San Fernando home was a hit ordered from behind prison...

Jamaica Health Ministry to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol by 3%

The Ministry of Health in Jamaica through the National Strategic and Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of non-communicable diseases plans to reduce...

Sanitation workers on strike in Barbados as union enters Phase 2 of industrial action

A day after calling out public servants to protest, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) in Barbados has instructed employees its represents at...
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