The Building, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) is currently carrying out remedial works in the North Windward area after flooding resulting from heavy rains last evening made some roadways impassable.

Dillion Morris, BRAGSA’s Engineering Assistant for the Northern and Southern Zone told WEFM News that the Orange Hill, Overland, Noel and London Rivers overflowed their banks, and deposited alot of silt thereby making the Orange Hill and London Bridges impassable to vehicular traffic.

Mr. Morris said BRAGSA’s equipment was out until after 7:00pm clearing the roads and presently they are clearing the river fords. He said the roadways are now clear for vehicular traffic to flow.

Mr. Morris said officials from BRAGSA, the Ministry of Transport and Works and other agencies have been having on-going discussions to formulate a permanent solution that would prevent those roads in North Windward from becoming impassable whenever it rains heavily.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morris said that damage from the flooding has resulted in a road in Obrien Valley next to St. Clair Crichton residence that leads to the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) water catchment in Perseverance Valley being currently impassable.

He noted however that excavation works are being done to stabilize and prevent further erosion of the embankment and roadway.



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