The Bermuda government has offered a series of concessions over its controversial Pathways to Status initiative but tensions surrounding immigration reform remained high as protests continued for a fourth day today.

Tuesday night’s announcement came shortly before the House of Assembly session scheduled for today, which was due to feature a debate on the legislation opposed by hundreds of protesters, was adjourned until Friday by Speaker of the House Randy Horton.

Premier Michael Dunkley announced he had contacted Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert to lay out the concessions that would include a 3-month delay on implementation of the “15-year pathway”, allowing those who have lived in Bermuda for 15 years to apply for permanent residency, which he said had caused the most widespread concern.

The Premier also criticized the protesters’ decision to physically block Members of Parliament from entering the House of Assembly on Monday by forming a human barricade, calling the move “simply unacceptable behaviour.”



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