BESCO Pastures gained a 4-1 win over Bequia United in the Premier Division of the St. Vcincent Brewery National Football Club Championship at Victoria Park over the weekend.

The win put BESCO Pastures on 20 points from nine matches and placed them at the top of the points-standings where they have overtaken North Leeward Predators on 19 points also from nine matches.

In other weekend results, SV United beat North Leeward Predators 1-nil, Largo Height won from Avenues United 4-2, and Sion Hill defeated Camdonia Chelsea.

In the First Division Championship, Layou overwhelmed Roxdale 8-nil at the Layou Playing Field, K and R Strikers gained a 1-nil victory over Parkside Rollers also at the Layou Playing Field, and Layou beat Roseans 4-2 in another match at the Layou Playing Field.

Two 1st Division matches are scheduled for this afternoon at 4:15, Glenside Ball Blazers will meet DESCO at the Sion Hill Playing Field, and QCESCO Titans will play against Richmond Hill United at the Campden Park Playing Field.



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