The Consumer Protection Bill which was passed in the last sitting of Parliament provides legislation for the promotion and protection of consumer interest in relation to the supply of goods and services to ensure protection of life, health, and safety of consumers. Attorney Danine Jones while appearing as a guest on VC3’s Roundtable Talk discussed how easy it is for one to seek redress under the new Bill:

“So you can easily go and you can make it in writing or you can make it orally, so for those persons who may have some disability or they may not be able to read or write, they can make their complaint orally and the department will take the statement, they will investigate and then if they have a finding that there was something that was done that was wrong, some practice that was wrong, according to what’s in the Bill then, that will be redressed.

I think it is easy enough to actually get redress under this piece of legislation.”



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