Activities for the 2018 Christmas/Nine Mornings Festival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will swing into top gear this weekend with a number of communities lighting up and the start of the Nine Mornings festivities.

Later today, the villages of Carriere, Richland Park and Stubbs will light up from 7:00pm with concerts and candle light marches.

Tomorrow, it will be the turn of Barrouallie, Diamond Village, and Fitz Hughes. There will also be the staging of the annual Police Caroling Contest.

On Saturday, some 16 communities will light up including defending National Lighting Champion Point Village and the first lighting champion Sion Hill. There will also be the start of ‘Nine Nights’ at the Botanic Gardens.

The Nine Mornings Festivities will officially start on Sunday December 16th from 4:00am around the country.

In Kingstown there will be a special ‘Christmas in the Square’ program featuring top gospel artistes Ronnie Richardson, Jason Providence, Curtis Williams and Janet Jackson. Persons attending the Kingstown activities will also get the opportunity to be part of the novel ‘Nine Mornings Train’. This is an open deck ride around town to the music of Starlift Steel Orchestra. The ride will be for all ages.

On Sunday also five other villages will light up: Biabou, Georgetown, Owia and Rose Bank.

The Youlou Pan Movement is this year teaming with the Nine Mornings Committee in staging: “Nine Mornings on Steel” on December 19 in Kingstown with the involvement of the 5 leading steel bands.

The 2018 Christmas/Nine Mornings Festival is being held under the theme: “Christmas Is We!”



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