The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Commerce and Regional Integration in collaboration with the International Trade Center (ITC) will be hosting a three day workshop, on the implementation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement.

The workshop is slated for April 11-13, 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room and will target both public and private sector.

The Trade Facilitation Agreement contains provisions for expediting the movement, release and clearance of goods, including goods in transit.

It also sets out measures for effective cooperation between customs and other appropriate authorities on trade facilitation and customs compliance issues and further contains provisions for technical assistance and capacity building in this area.

The workshop will be facilitated by officials from the ITC which is a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, and is geared toward enhancing the capacity of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.



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