The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority, in conjunction with the Fisheries Division in the Ministry of Agriculture will be hosting a South Coast Marine Management Area (SCMMA) Communication, Education and Public Awareness activity today.

The activity takes the form of a National Consultation to be held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church Parish Hall in Calliaqua, from 5:30 pm.

Director of National Parks, Andrew Wilson would begin the session with opening remarks, sharing background into the project and the need for a sustainable Management Plan for the area which is the overarching outcome.

The interactive session will be facilitated by Environmental Consultant Dr. Reynold Murray.

Today’s consultation aims among other things to sensitize stakeholders on the draft Management Plan for the South Coast Marine Area; including recent work completed on the Mooring, and Zoning and legal aspects of the plan.

The event will be convened under the theme: ‘Preserving Biodiversity and Pride in the South Coast Community’, with the slogan: “The South Coast Marine Management Area – It’s a Beautiful Thing.”



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