The Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is conducting a one-day stakeholders’ consultation today.

The main objective of the consultation is to develop a Crisis Communication Plan (CCP) and a Disaster Contingency Plan (DCP) for the Ministry of Tourism to guide in the implementation of adequate mitigating controls to unforeseen events.

The Ministry of Tourism says the nature of the tourism sector, with its multi-faceted stakeholders and beneficiaries, makes it imperative that the development of these plans include the active involvement of the private sector and many public sector departments and agencies.

Furthermore, the sector’s vulnerability to disasters, both man-made and natural, dictates the need for the sector to be prepared to mitigate the effects of such disasters and to institute plans necessary for an orderly and efficient recovery programme as far as is humanly possible.

Today’s consultation began at nine this morning at NEMO’s Conference Room, and will conclude at 3:00pm.



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