It is likely to cost an estimated $18 000 in storage and shipping costs for the bodies of the three Vincentian teenagers who lost their lives in a car crash at Graeme Hall, Christ Church Barbados last week.

And while the final figure is still to be confirmed, the bodies of 17-year-old Danee Horne, 18-year-old Carianne Padmore and 19-year-old Aziza Dennie could be in for a longer stay in Barbados to allow the necessary documentation to be processed.

According to the Barbados Nation newspaper, a funeral director said each body could cost between $5 000 to $6 000 depending on things such as length of refrigeration and whether or not it was shipped in a casket.

Included in that price is the $600 to $800 price tag for the shipment of each body to St Vincent via a ferry.



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