Designer Kimya Glasgow is hosting a 5-week Fashion programme for aspiring Fashion designers, starting today July 30, 2018.

The programme – Fashion! Summer Course will encompass Pattern Making and Garment Construction, and will also focus on other crucial industry subject areas, such as Manual Pattern Grading (resizing of patterns), History of Fashion, Textiles Illustration, and Costing and Pricing for Fashion.

As with previous training sessions, the Course will be targeting recent graduates, unemployed persons and persons already in the garment sector, looking to improve skills and knowledge; as well as emerging designers and aspiring fashion students, interested in exploring Apparel Design as a Career Path in the fashion industry.

The aim is to utilize the fashion industry to empower SVG’s women and youth.

According to Ms Glasgow, the course is designed to give a more accurate picture of the multifaceted industry and how it can create employment beyond just seamstresses and designers.

She said the global industry is changing and growing in amazing ways and SVG needs to be a part of it.



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