The ministry of education has released the official results for CAPE 2015. Passing grades were obtained in 1411 subject sittings representing an overall pass rate of 89.42%.

This represents an increase over 2014 results where the overall pass rate was 87.71%. This year’s pass rate is also the highest since 2008. (The 2008 pass rate was 90.88%)

For CAPE 2015, the following subjects recorded a 100% pass rate: Caribbean Studies Unit 1, Computer Science Unit 2, Digital Media Unit 1 and 2, Environmental Science Unit 2, French Unit 1 and 2, Information Technology Unit 1 and 2, Management of Business Unit 2, and Spanish Unit 2.

This year’s results show that high pass rates have been maintained in most subjects taken. Other Advanced Proficiency Subjects were taken at the Cambridge International Examinations.



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