Spain’s governing Socialists have won the country’s third election in four years, but are short of a majority.

According to the BBC – PM Pedro Sánchez’s party polled 29% and will need the help of either left-wing Podemos and regional parties, or the centre right, to form a government.

Far-right party Vox also won seats – the first time a significant far-right force has done so in decades.

Analysts say support for Vox has been boosted by widespread anger at separatists in the province of Catalonia, who want independence from Spain.

Vox fervently opposes any concessions to the secessionists.

In its worst election ever, the PP won just 66 seats, down from 137 in the previous parliament.

Turnout was 75.8%, the highest for several years and 9% more than the previous election in 2016.



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