Gender Minister Olivia Grange says the Jamaica government is moving to table the Sexual Harassment Bill in Parliament by year end.

According to Grange, the Bill now reflects recommendations from the Cabinet for the establishment of a Sexual Harassment Tribunal to hear complaints and the designation of field officers from the Bureau of Gender Affairs as authorised officers.

Speaking yesterday at a Caribbean Media and Gender forum hosted by Women’s Media Watch, Grange said some of the changes to the Bill are major achievements.

“It will now go to the sub-committee of Cabinet that deals with legislation, and then it will be sent with a report back to Cabinet for approval,” said the minister.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, she also said the link between gender and violence is complex and requires a coordinated approach.

Last year, the cabinet approved the National Strategic Action Plan to eliminate gender-based violence.

The 10-year plan, which was officially launched in December 2017, sets out a programme to be implemented across the government with specific targets towards eliminating gender-based crimes.



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