The Richmond Vale Academy’s (RVA) “Pass-it-On Sustainable Model Gardens” has won the National Energy Globe Award St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Pass-it-On Sustainable Model Gardens will be evaluated along with national winners from 180 countries for nomination for the Energy Globe World Award later this year.

“Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!” Wolfgang Neumann,
founder of Energy Globe said in announcing RVA’s accomplishment.

Under the project, which was supported by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, a group of volunteers came to the Richmond Vale Academy to assist single female heads of household to grow their own backyard gardens.

As a result of the project, they have been able to eat healthier, chemical-free food and at the same time protect the environment against climate change.

The initiative has helped to foster a stronger sense of community and has helped participants to earn money by selling their surplus produce.

In addition to using rainwater for irrigation, the Pass-it-On Sustainable Model Gardens teaches farmers to reduce soil erosion.

Stina Herberg, director of RVA, said the institution is pleased to have been recognised, yet again, for its efforts at making sustainable agriculture part of the culture of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said that RVA has a goal of helping to make 200 such organic gardens before 2021, the last year of the 10-year St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference.



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