Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Monday lauded the achievements of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), at the opening ceremony of the 65th meeting of the OECS Authority in St. Lucia.

“This integration movement has had a lot of achievements,” Dr. Gonsalves declared, adding that there was a lot to celebrate.

He noted that the sub-region has a common currency which is taken for granted.

“This is the strongest currency in the Western hemisphere after the US dollar and the Canadian dollar,” he is quoted as having said according to a report by the St. Lucia Times.

He also spoke about the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and called attention to the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority – a category one jurisdiction, where if an aircraft is registered in this region, it can be flown from the region to the United States territory.

“Then of course, we have the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority and there are many institutions of this kind that we have built – these small Islands in the Eastern Caribbean,” Dr. Gonsalves observed.



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