The UWI-SRC wishes to advise that at this time no tsunami warning has been issued for Grenada or any other neighbouring islands of the Lesser Antilles. The alert level at the Kick ‘em Jenny volcano however, has been moved from yellow to orange which means that the exclusion zone around the submarine crater has been widened to 5km.

This change of alert is in keeping with increased seismic activity which began on 11th July, 2015. A sharp increasing trend was observed during the 21st and 22nd July and between 1:25am and 3:00am on Thursday 23rd July, 2015 the most intense activity, an eruption was observed.

The current alert level at Orange is related to the Kick ‘em Jenny volcano and guides authorities and those in Grenada and the surrounding Grenadine islands on what is appropriate at this level of activity.

Mariners are therefore encouraged to observe the Exclusion Zone and not enter within a 5km radius of the Kick ‘em Jenny Crater. The UWI-SRC continues to monitor this volcano and will issue further updates as data come to hand.

The Seismic Research Centre is the authoritative source of information on earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis in the Eastern Caribbean



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