The National Council of Women is calling on the Vincentian public to Speak up! Speak Out! Against Child Abuse and Sexual Violence.
The Council said in a statement issued today that “child abuse has four major categories; emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse and child neglect. Our children are face with or experience these every day in our homes, schools communities and any aspect of extracurricular activities he or she interrelates.”

According to the statement, the numbers of child rape and sexual abuse cases on the desk of our magistrates and judges, the police and the social workers are too alarming. Many of these are dismissed or cannot be tried for lack of or insufficient evidence, and as a result the perpetrators or pedophiles, the abusers go free.

This act of sexual abuse and sexual violence against our nation’s youth, it said, is critically damaging, adding that every child should be allowed to have a fully developed life, free of fear and hurting.

The statement added that “a child should be protected by the parents, the teachers, the church and the community. They are not to be sexually abused neither are their lives to be put at risk (the vans and the loud music). Child labor is illegal and should not be practice. We are against children walking around Kingstown selling vegetables or confectioneries, etc. that is child abuse.”

The National Council of Women condemns all forms of child abuse and sexual violence against children and is calling on all relevant authorities to do as much as is in their power and authority to stop this heinous crime committed against our babies and children.

The Council also condemns the act of citizens taking matters into their own hands.



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