An incest trial involving a Kingston real estate businessman, in Jamaica, who was accused of raping his 15-year-old daughter three years ago, collapsed on Thursday in the Home Circuit Court after his daughter maintained that she had lied.

The businessman’s daughter, who had confessed from last year that she had lied, was taken into custody and charged with creating public mischief. It is believed that she was subsequently granted station bail.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the 66-year-old businessman was freed on two counts of incest by Justice Yvonne Brown at the start of the trial, after the complainant admitted in court that she lied and that her father never sexually assaulted her.

The businessman was arrested in 2017 after his daughter reported to the police that he raped her on two separate occasions between May and October of 2015.

According to Attorney Hugh Wildman, who represented the businessman, the complainant said that she lied on her father because he was too strict on her and was forcing her to pursue a career in real estate, and she was annoyed.



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