The New Democratic Party (NDP) has accepted the offer by Mr. Colin Graham to withdraw from consideration as a candidate for the party.

The NDP said in a statement yesterday that the decision comes after discussions between Mr. Graham and the leader and other members of the executive of the party.

Mr. Graham has stated that, in light of recent public comments about matters relating to his personal life, he does not wish to hinder the activities and work of the Party or to be a distraction to its agenda for change.

Mr. Graham was recently selected by the New Democratic Party’s organ in the constituency of East St. George to be the candidate for that constituency.

His selection has not yet been considered by the Central Committee of the Party for ratification. But since his selection, allegations of domestic violence have been made against Mr. Graham.

“We have heard Mr. Graham’s public statements of remorse and responsibility and his declaration and willingness to seek the necessary help personally. We fully support his wish to address his own personal challenges and urge the support and encouragement of the wider society to help him to succeed,” the statement said.

The NDP thanks Mr. Graham for his forthrightness in the matter and wishes him the best in whatever rehabilitative measures he may seek.



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