Managers at a Chinese firm have been jailed for making staff who failed to reach sales targets drink urine and eat cockroaches.

Police took action after videos emerged showing workers being whipped with a belt and drinking a yellow liquid.

Social media posts alleged staff were also told to eat cockroaches if they did not meet targets.

According to the BBC, three managers were jailed for five and 10 days over the incident.

A widely-shared video posted on Chinese social media site Weibo shows a male employee standing in the middle of a circle, getting whipped with a belt.

Other staff, said to be employees of the home renovation company can be seen drinking yellow liquid from plastic cups while holding their noses.

Screenshots of what were said to be messages from the managers, threaten staff that they will have to eat cockroaches for poor performances.

Other forms of shaming and punishment at the firm have included drinking toilet water or vinegar and getting their head shaved.



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