The opposition leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in Antigua and Barbuda, Baldwin Spencer has said, “If anybody is deserving of consideration of adjustments in pay it would be the public servants and the ordinary workers in society.”

According to the Antigua Observer, Spencer’s comments follow an announcement by Prime Minister Gaston Browne of his intent to appeal for a raise for parliamentarians and ministers of government, during his wrap up of the 2016 Budget Debate.

However, the opposition leader said an increase in pay could not be justified under any circumstances based on what they have to be dealing with in Antigua and Barbuda today.

Spencer said while it is true that an argument could be made that from time to time salaries have to reviewed, a number of factors would have to be taken into consideration.

Spencer, whose administration took a 10 per cent salary cut during their tenure, said the idea is difficult for him to accept.



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